Staind guitarist Mike Mushok was the recent interview guest of Ultimate Guitar’s Justin Beckner this week and talked about the band’s recently made two-part global streaming series named ‘Live: It’s Been A While.’

As many of you follow their career, the American rock band Staind was founded and released seven studio albums so far. While they released their seventh, self-titled, and most recent studio album back in 2011, they did not release any studio recordings for ten years.

As Staind is about to make yet another new live stream named ‘Break The Cycle’ on May 8th to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band’s third studio album, Mike talked about their latest record ‘Live: It’s Been A While’ and explained how did they able to make it happen despite their long-time silence.

Here is what Mike said to UG:

“We [He and Aaron Lewis] definitely stayed in touch. He was looking to pursue his country career, which is something he’s been able to be very successful at.

I was able to start Saint Asonia with Adam [Gontier] and we did a couple of records. So we’ve been busy, but we had been talking back and forth for a while about doing some shows and it finally came together in the fall of 2019.

It was really at that time that we decided we were going to go out and play some bigger shows with a bigger production. We were doing a couple of nights at a casino here in Connecticut called Foxwoods. We decided that we were going to film them and record them.

So that’s basically what you’re getting, is that show. That’s how that record came about – it was our first time out in a while and we just wanted to capture that whole hometown kind of vibe.”

You can watch the trailer of the event below.

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