Steel Panther guitarist Satchel spoke in the recent interview with Ultimate Guitar’s David Slavkovic and revealed his opinion about if his bandmates Lexxi, Michael, and Stix are better-looking guys than him.

In the conversation, Satchel stated that the bass guitarist of the band, Lexxi Foxx, is the sexiest person in the band. Furthermore, he said that Michael Starr and Stix Zadinia always found a way to get themselves closer to a woman.

David Slavkovic asked:

“It’s obvious that you’re the best band on the planet and the sexiest band on the planet as well. But we have to know, which member is the sexiest one?”

Satchel replied:

“Well you know, everybody says Lexxi is the sexiest one, but I think I’m probably right out there next to him. And you know, Michael Starr is the singer, so he gets a lot of pussy because he’s a singer.

But I think Michael’s jealous about how good-looking I am, and you know, it’s rough on him. He’s a little bit older than me, and there’s been a lot of jealousy there for a long time.”

He continued:

“And Stix, you know, listen: Stix is a really sexy thing, and Stix doesn’t have any thresholds how ugly the girl is – he’ll fuck anybody. He gets a lot of pussy too, but I think Lexxi’s definitely got the reputation for being the sexiest one.”

But he’s also the most narcissistic one – he’s very into himself, he’s very vain; you know the song ‘All I Wanna Do Is Fuck’? That song was basically written about Lexxi, originally. I wanted to have Lexxi sing it, but Lexxi just isn’t good enough a singer to do it.”

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