The glam metal band Steel Panther recently posted a photo on their official Instagram account and announced that they have just released the amazing covers of Van Halen’s ‘D.O.A.andBeautiful Girlsas a tribute to Eddie Van Halen.

Steel Panther is one of the most popular metal bands of the 21st century and they are especially famous for their profane and humorous lyrics and their exaggeration of the ‘glam metal lifestyle.’ The band achieved mainstream success in the 2010s and they got the chance to share the stage with Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe, and open for Guns N Roses in 2011.

They released their latest album ‘Heavy Metal Rocks‘ back in 2019, and fans were both surprised and glad to see that Steel Panther released two new singles just some hours ago. In the caption of their post, the band said that they would often play Van Halen during their shows to ‘keep the place rocking‘ and admitted that they would have never gotten to that point if it weren’t for Van Halen.

They added that the music of Van Halen was what ‘helped shape who Steel Panther is today.’ Thus, Eddie’s passing was especially hard for Steel Panther members who idolized Eddie. As a tribute to him, they decided to thank him for the happiness and joy that Van Halen has brought to their lives, by recording two covers, namely of ‘D.O.A.’ and ‘Beautiful Girls.’

Here’s what Steel Panther said in the caption of their post:

“When we were playing weekly shows on the Sunset Strip, Van Halen music was essential to our setlists to keep the place rocking. The music of that band is what helped shape who Steel Panther is today. The loss of Eddie Van Halen has affected each of us in the band and these covers are our tribute to him to say thank you for the joy Van Halen music has given us.

GET THE TRACKS at the LINK in our BIO AND, check out the videos on our YouTube channel!”

You can click here to check out Steel Panther’s post and listen to the covers through Spotify below.