The official and verified Instagram account of the famous glam metal band, Steel Panther, posted a really bizarre photo of some kind of ‘object’ and possibly teased their upcoming project for the fans.

As you may check out the photo they shared right below, this thing looks like some red, locked box with four screws on it. That weird photo got almost 5K likes in a short time. However, fans could not solve the mystery behind that photo.

Here is the caption of the post:

“Just the tip… #Tease #ItsComing”

An Instagram user named jakepanzini commented:

“Wait till people get their jobs back after Caronavirus is over or no one will have money to buy it 😂”

Another Instagram follower named gilbertguitar15 asked this:

“This is the community property pedal?”

A user named mrvicious66 shared his opinion:

“Stop teasing and get the order link up…\\n/”

You may check out the photo of Steel Panther below.

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Just the tip… #Tease #ItsComing

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