Steel Panther vocalist Michael Starr recently had an interview with Mari Sevonen from Finland’s Kaaos TV, and he explained why they changed their band names a lot of times.

If we look at the past, Steel Panther used these names Metal Shop (2000 to 2003,) Danger Kitty (2003), and Metal Skool from 2003 to 2008.

In the statement, Michael Starr has revealed the background of how they got their current name.

The interviewer asked:

“What was the main reason why you changed your name a couple of times?”

Michael Starr answered:

“Mostly it was management. We were signed to a management firm when we were Metal Shop, and we decided to leave.

We had a falling-out with them, but they owned the name, so we had to change our name to Metal Skool, and we signed with a new management company, and when we decided to part ways with that company, they owned the name, and so when we changed the name to Steel Panther.

We made sure that we own the name, so it cost us several thousand dollars to do it, and at the time we weren’t making a lot of money; to trademark a name was expensive for us.

So once we started making some money, we were, like, ‘Alright, we’re gonna do this on our own,’ and we spent the money to get a trademarked Steel Panther, and it’s trademarked worldwide, and it cost tens of thousands of dollars to do it, but it’s worth it. Now nobody can take our name.”

Then another question is came:

“What really stands out to me is that you have had the same people in the band through all these years.

What makes you such an awesome group that nobody wants to leave the band?”

Michael Starr replied:

“Lots of fighting, like, lots of fighting. In the beginning, lots of fighting, lots of direction. Like, one guy, Satchel has one idea, I have another idea, Stix [Zadinia, drums] has an idea, Lexxi [Foxx, bass] doesn’t really have ideas…

So it was a brutal fight for years, and once we started having some popularity at The Viper Room, we were still having arguments because Satchel basically talks all the time – he never shuts up.

When we get on the stage, he does the same thing, and I came from another band called Atomic Punks where I was, like, ‘I do all the talking.’ So we were on-stage trying to both talk over each other, and he’s basically like a lead singer – so he is a lead singer that plays guitar.

I don’t know if you know that, but he can sing really great. So he’s singing and playing guitar and I’m singing, and I also play guitar; obviously, I’m not as good as Satchel, but I play guitar too as well, so he would never let me have the guitar.

After a few years of that, we really just, after we gained some popularity, we knew that this was something that we wanted to do for a long time, so we figured everything out and we got our vision of what we want to do as a band together.

We all got aligned, and we just became, like, this little snowball going down the hill. And the snowball just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and then we ended up in Helsinki, that’s a big fat-ass snowball filled with cocaine.”

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