After having a hard battle with Nikki Sixx on social media, Steel Panther star Stix Zadinia had a new interview with The Appetite for Distortion Podcast and revealed what killed hair metal.

Stix also shared his real thoughts on the grunge metal genre.

Here is what he said:

I like some of the songs from that genre, for sure. I mean, when you break it down: no, they’re not singing about getting laid, they’re singing about being super bummed out.

For me personally, it’s about the songs, and some of the songs on [Alice in Chains’] ‘Facelift,’ [Soundgarden’s] ‘Superunknown,’ they’re fucking rad songs.

“Would I want to throw them on at a party? Probably not. But would I want to fucking listen to them on my own time because they’re great songs? I’m cool with it, I like it.”

The band’s bassist, Lexxi Foxx shared his opinion:

“And if you live in Seattle where it rains all the fucking time… We’re from LA, so it’s sunny-sunny-happy-joy-joy, pussy all over the place. In Seattle, you’re gonna write about some creepy, dark shit.”

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