During a recent interview with ‘Metal Wani,’ Steel Panther guitarist Satchel recalled the early days of the band and talked about their viral product ‘Pussy Melter.’

Pussy Melter is an 80s style distortion pedal like an amp in a box. However, as previously reported, the Pussy Melter pedal was described as ‘outdated,’ ‘sexist‘ and ‘offensive‘ after following many online petitions. Later on, the band members had to make changes to the pedal.

While talking about their new stompbox, the Butthole Burner, Satchel remembered Pussy Melter and gave some details about their viral products.

Here’s what Satchel stated:

“We all remember the Pussy Melter, and the Pussy Melter, you know, took the world by storm.

And the thing about the Pussy Melter was; it was a viral sensation, basically, because there was a lot of social justice warriors like, ‘Shut down Pussy Melter!’, just because they didn’t like the language.

Fuck that. You can call it anything you want, especially here in America. We don’t jail people for a speech as they do in China, and you can call your fucking foot pedal whatever the fuck you want.

So, it went viral before we even released that pedal because that was like a reaction to the virility of it, and we had a company that really wanted to do the pedal, and the thing is, what people didn’t expect was that the Pussy Melter was going to sound so insanely good.”

He continued:

“The circuit in the Pussy Melter is one of the best-sounding distortion pedals on the market of all time, I think. It’s really great, and we only sold a limited amount of the Pussy Melters, and they sold out very quickly.

And there was a lot of people waiting to get one that didn’t get one, so we were like, ‘How can we get this awesome circuit to people without bumming out the people that got ahold of the limited edition Pussy Melter?’

So we basically repackaged it as the Butthole Burner, and to me, it sounded the same, it’s a killer-sounding pedal, it’s got everything inside that the Pussy Melter has.”

You can watch the full interview via Youtube below.

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