After having a really hard beef with Mötley Crüe icon Nikki Sixx, Steel Panther drummer Stix Zadinia broke his silence about the battle between these two bands.

While having a recent conversation with a follower on Twitter, Stix Zadinia admitted that he’s a lover and does not want to fight with Tommy Lee or any person.

Stix Zadinia wrote this first:

“I just read Nate Diaz’s note. Gotta say- he seems real as fuck. I respect his stance. Truly not in it for the money but because he loves it. Would not want to fight that dude.”

A user named Lan-O asked this:

“Come on, @Stix. I wouldn’t wanna fight any of them. They’re crazy good. P.S. let’s get beers when y’all come to KC on December 15th!”

Stix responded:

“I wouldn’t wanna fight even the worst pro-UFC fighter. They are experts in their field.”


“Would you fight Tommy Lee?”

Stix Zadinia wrote this back:

“Nope. I’m a lover. Plus he’s got really long arms. I’d have to get in close to stand a chance. Not interested. Never fight a drummer. They have killer timing and hand/eye coordination.”

You can see the tweets below.