Steel Panther lead vocalist Michael Starr recently joined in an interview with Ramzine and revealed that they couldn’t find a new bassist replacing Lexxi Foxx.

Steel Panther has impacted the music scene with its unique style with humorous lyrics combined with glam metal since the beginning of its career in 2000. Michael Starr, Satchell, Stix Zadinia, and Lexxi Foxx were long-time members. However, the band announced in 2021 that Foxx parted ways with the band.

The group informed the audience that it was a mutual decision. The bassist wanted to focus on his side business ‘Sexy Lexxi’s Prettiest Pets.’ Following his departure, the remaining members began to look for a new bassist to replace Foxx. They have worked with several bassists since that period. For instance, Rikki Dazzle became the touring bassist but did not remain a permanent member.

In a recent conversation, Michael Starr revealed that they had many video submissions but still could not find the right bassist. According to the vocalist, replacing someone like Lexxi Foxx was hard. Thus, they might not find a new member for the band, as Starr mentioned.

Michael Starr explained about auditions:

“We tried out over. We had how many video submissions, probably over 700. And we went through every single video. And we did some test runs with some people. And when we find the right guy, you guys will know.

We may never find another replacement for Lexxi. We love him. We miss him dearly. And I’m glad he’s doing what he wants to do in life. But replacing him, it’s like trying to replace Stix or me. It’s impossible. So we may never, ever have a bass player. We might just be trying out bass players until I die.”

As Michael Starr revealed, it has been a complicated process for the band to find a new bassist. According to Starr, finding a bassist as proper as Lexxi Foxx, who played with the group for over 20 years, was almost impossible.