Stephen Stills recently spoke about his relationship with the iconic guitarist Jimi Hendrix and revealed that Hendrix and Neil Young taught him how to play lead guitar.

With Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Stephen Stills became known for his contributions to the band. The band released their first album in 1968, which peaked at number six in US charts and received a quadruple-platinum certificate.

After the band, the members ventured off to focus on their solo careers. Stills released his eponymous solo album in 1970. The album featured icons like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, which became the only album the two legendary guitarists contributed to in their careers.

In a recent interview, Stills revealed the relationship between him and Hendrix. He stated that they spent a lot of time together, and he, in fact, taught him how to play the lead guitar. He continued by saying that he’d drive them crazy while trying to learn for the next two years.

Here is what Still said about Hendrix and Young:

“Jimi and I spent a lot of time together because I was the lone American in England that he could really speak to. He used to come and hang out with me and my friend Dan Campbell to, like, decompress. He and Neil Young taught me to play lead guitar. I drove everyone crazy for the next two years learning it; I had to have the stack of Marshalls and stuff. He’d be like, ‘Jesus!'”

Undoubtedly, Hendrix is one of the first names that pop up into one’s head when thinking about the best guitarists in the world. In only eight years, he managed to establish such a career and role in the rock and roll world that even more than half a century after his death, he is still remembered and respected as the talented guitarist he was before his passing.