Trixter’s Steve Brown recently appeared in an interview with The Rock N’ Roll & Coffee Show and revealed that Jack Ponti was the musician who started Jon Bon Jovi‘s music career.

Jon Bon Jovi has influenced the rock world with many successful records with his band since 1983. He gained massive recognition, especially with the albums entitled ‘Slippery When Wet’ and ‘New Jersey.’ The vocalist reflected his band’s style and unique sound throughout the decades. The group’s sound, including the elements of glam metal, hard rock, and pop, has impressed the international audience.

Before Jovi established his band, he initially became the vocalist of the rock band The Rest, formed in the late ’70s. Jovi was working with the guitarist Jack Ponti in this group. After their breakup, while the vocalist pursued a career with his band, Ponti continued as a songwriter and a producer. He took his first job from the late successful music businessman Ahmet Ertegun.

In the ’80s and ’90s, Ponti contributed to notable rockers’ works, such as Alice Cooper, Trixter, and Bon Jovi. He co-wrote Bon Jovi’s ‘Shot Through the Heart‘ from the band’s self-titled 1984 album. The guitarist also collaborated with influential glam metal bands like Skid Row and Nelson.

Steve Brown, a member of Trixter, spoke about Ponti in a recent interview. He stated that Ponti was one of the significant songwriters he worked with in the past. Brown described the guitarist as New Jersey’s ‘rock legend.’ He pointed out that Ponti had previously worked with Jon Bon Jovi. The rocker also mentioned that Jack Ponti was the name who started Jovi’s music career.

Brown said about Jack Ponti:

“That was part of the time back then. I worked with a lot of great songwriters. A guy, another very dear friend of mine, Jack Ponti, who’s a kind of a New Jersey rock legend; he wrote a couple of songs with Bon Jovi. He basically gave Jon his start. He was in that band The Rest with Jon Bon Jovi.”

You can listen to the interview below.