The well-known bassist of Iron Maiden, Steve Harris, was the recent interview guest of ‘Nights With Alice Cooper,’ and he made quite assertive statements while comparing Iron Maiden with his own band, British Lions.

As responding to the question of the Nights With Alice Cooper, Steve claimed that his own band sounds a lot better on stage, comparing to Iron Maiden.

You can check out the conversation below, transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar.

Nights With Alice Cooper asked this:

“You have a very distinct playing style that people know and love. How does that carry on British Lion, does the music make your play different?”

Steve Harris responded:

“I don’t think I really try to play style-wise that different. I just may be tried a few different sound things on the first album.

And then we toured, and then we just got back to how we normally play live with Maiden. I think it’s better, it actually sounds a lot better – we’re a band now.”

Nights Will Alice Cooper asked again:

“I’m curious for the other guys in Maiden, did you play this record for them, do you talk about what you’re doing?”

Steve Harris responded:

“We don’t really talk about it, really, we’re all so busy doing out different things, and I think things that people are doing outside of it don’t really talk about that stuff really.

It’s just like private stuff that everyone else is doing their own thing. It’s not something we really discuss, really.”

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