Iron Maiden bassist and the leader of the band, Steve Harris was recently interviewed by Rolling Stones and revealed the little-known story of how Iron Maiden got their name.

Here is what he said about the naming of the band:

“Everybody knows the title came from the name of a torture instrument in [Alexandre Dumas’] ‘The Man in the Iron Mask.'”

Rolling Stones asked:

“Yes, but the lyrics [of the song ‘Iron Maiden’] aren’t about the torture device. They’re about how the band is going to ‘get you.'”

Steve Harris clarified the long-time asked question and said that:

“Yeah, it was kind of the attitude we had at the time. We were just going to go out there and go for it and basically take no prisoners. We obviously were young and hungry and we had the adrenaline.

We were just trying to get out there and play fast, heavy music with lots of melody. There wasn’t really anybody playing the stuff we were playing; we were heavily influenced by people like Wishbone Ash with the very melodic guitars. But we had a fire in it.”

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