British metal legend Iron Maiden’s bassist and mastermind Steve Harris, said things to happy the young bands. He also get a little bit surprised us.

Steve Harris talked with Metal Jorney and he tells they never get charge to young bands for playing with Iron Maiden. He explained:

“The thing that annoys me is that I hate it when people charge bands to play with them. I hate that. I’ve never, ever done that with Maiden, and I never will do it, with Maiden or British Lion, because, to me, it’s just wrong. A band should get at least some expenses covered to play a gig, and they shouldn’t have to pay anybody to play, and I’ve always been really against that. And I’ve always really just tried to help people out. I think it’s really good.”

Steve added:

“I feel like I’ve had a fantastic life and career with music, and I’ve worked very hard, but maybe I’ve had a bit of luck along the way. I don’t know, but the at the end of the day, it’s nice to give something back. And I kind of feel like that with British Lion as well, because even the guys in the band, in British Lion, they’re all talented guys, they really deserve some sort of recognition, and up ’till now they really haven’t had that. And they’re getting a little bit of recognition now, and it’s quite rightly so. And I love that.”

British Lion European tour 2016

  • Nov 03: Faro Moto Clube de Faro, Portugal
  • Nov 04: Seville Sala Custom, Spain
  • Nov 05: Granada Coliseo Ciudad Atarfe, Spain
  • Nov 07: Pamplona Sala Totem, Spain
  • Nov 08: Toulouse Metronum, France
  • Nov 09: Lyon CCO Villeurbanne, France
  • Nov 11: Milan Live Club, Italy
  • Nov 12: Solothurn Kofmehl, Switzerland
  • Nov 13: Lausanne Docks, Switzerland
  • Nov 14: Aschaffenburg Colos-Saal, Germany
  • Nov 15: Munich Technikum, Germany
  • Nov 17: Bratislava Majestic Music Club, Slovakia
  • Nov 18: Graz Orpheum, Austria
  • Nov 19: Zlin Winter Masters Of Rock, Czech Republic
  • Nov 20: Budapest Barba Negra, Hungary
  • Nov 22: Krakov Kwadrat, Poland
  • Nov 23: Gdansk Klub B90, Poland
  • Nov 25: Leipzig Hellraiser, Germany
  • Nov 26: Essen Turock, Germany
  • Nov 27: Hmaburg Markthalle, Germany
  • Nov 29: Zoetermeer Boerderij, Netherlands
  • Nov 30: Vosselaar Biebob, Belgium
  • Dec 02: Folkestone Quarterhouse, UK
  • Dec 03: Trecco Bay Planet Rockstock, UK
  • Dec 04: Dublin Button Factory, Ireland
  • Dec 05: Limerick Dolan’s Warehouse, Ireland
  • Dec 06: Belfast Limelight, UK