Toto guitarist Steve Lukather spoke in a recent interview with Misplaced Staws and talked about the future of the band.

Back in 2018, Steve Lukather and Toto released their latest and fourteenth studio album, named Old Is New. Since then, they didn’t release any records even during the self-quarantine days.

In the conversation, Steve saddened the community by revealing that Toto won’t be releasing any studio albums in the future and confirmed that Old Is New is the final album of the band.

Furthermore, the iconic guitarist mentioned that the band isn’t disbanded and will pursue playing on live shows and events. Afterward, Steve also pointed out that this decision is also broke his heart too.

Steve Lukather said:

“There’s not gonna be another Toto record. What we do is continue doing what we do. Joe and I can make records that have some cats on it. We can go out and play as Toto. We get the audience, we pay off the people that sued us and we go forward.

It broke my heart, too. It’s like getting over a divorce, you got to get back on the horse again and do it. That’s what we plan on doing.

There’s no malicious vibe or no, ‘I’m going to get even with everybody,’ or anything like that. It’s such a waste of time. I’m 63 years old, man. I don’t want to play games anymore.”

Although Toto didn’t and won’t be releasing a new studio album, they recently released a live album named With a Little Help From My Friends, which means that we could see more live albums in the future.

You can check out the full interview below.