Toto frontman and co-founder of the band, Steve Lukather, was recently interviewed by the YouTube channel named ‘Misplaced Straws‘ this week and shared the story of how Toto members were affected after the death of Jeff Porcaro.

You may follow the half-decade of Toto’s career that Jeff Porcaro was the drummer, record producer, and songwriter of the band until he passed away from this world. Unfortunately, Jeff died at Humana Hospital-West Hills on the evening of August 5 after he had a heart attack due to occlusive coronary artery disease.

In his interview with Jeff Gaudiosi, Toto frontman talked to Jeff about the band’s new live record named ‘With A Little Help From My Friends‘ and recalled how the band almost finished after the unexpected death of the late drummer. According to Steve, the whole members of the band hit the wall after hearing the bad news.

Here is what Toto star said in his latest interview:

“Toto was over when Jeff (Porcaro) died. They may be right. It changed and there’s no question about it. Then it changed again, like 15 times. I’ve been the only guy there the whole time. The last version got a little tense and weird. We hit the wall. There are some great cats and there are some not great. I’m not gonna get into it. It just had become (a fight every night). Life is too short to be bummed out every night. . So Joe and I and the promoters and the agents said ‘Use it.’ David said ‘You got to do this,’ try to make our money back that we lost on the lawsuit. Just getting out there and playing again, I’m not going to get in the back of a van and do this again.”

He continued:

“I’ve spent enough time on the road and all the reaction has been like, ‘Guys, go.’ We did what we’re hearing. Every time we made changes in the band, there was always the same push back, ‘Oh, it’s not Toto anymore.’ They may be right, but we made it. In the end, we change people’s minds and I want to keep doing this, there are tribute bands. Why shouldn’t we do it?”

You can watch the full interview below.