Toto co-founder and guitarist, Steve Lukather was the latest interview guest of’s Michael Watts this week and talked about many things from how he approached the writing and recording of his new project as well as his relationship with Eddie Van Halen in the ’80s.

As you might follow Toto co-founder’s career, Luke released his latest ever studio album named ‘I Found The Sun Again’ on February 26, 2021, alongside Joseph Williams via The Players Club/Mascot Label Group. The album features eight new tracks and the limited edition LP Box Set is available on Mascot Shop right now.

In his latest interview with Michael Watts, Steve was asked what inspired covering the songs of legends like Traffic, Robin Trowers, and The Eagles star Joe Walsh. According to Lukather, he wanted to challenge himself to set a tone for three vastly different artists that inspired him since his childhood.

In the same interview, Toto was reminded that he’s considered the writer of one of the most legendary four-bar solos of all time. While he tried to stay humble, he also shared the story of how Eddie Van Halen admitted that he created a monster after inventing the shredding technique.

Here is what Toto star said:

“Oh, come on, who said that? My mum? Well coming from those guys [Tim Pierce and Karl Rydlund] I’m speechless! I was just going for it, trying to do something cool on a record. These were the times when guitar players were trying to show what they had. Each guy had something and they wanted to show it off!

It was healthy, no one was trying to one-up anybody else, that came a little later in the 80s with all the intense Uber-shredding that started and Ed was sitting there going, ‘I created a monster, fuck!’ They misinterpreted what his musical intent was and turned the guitar into more of a sport.

I know that always bothered him. We were friends for 40 years and I miss him terribly. Every single day man. It just shows how fallible we really are. At this point, I’m on borrowed time. I know that but I took the road the hard way. They tell me I had a blast!”

You can listen to the latest single of Lukather below.