Toto guitarist and vocalist Steve Lukather was interviewed by Sea Of Tranquility’s Pete Pardo last week and discussed many things from the new Blu-Ray named ‘With a Little Help From My Friends‘ to his current relationship with other Toto members.

You may follow the Los Angeles-based rock band’s career that they’ve formed in 1977 by Steve Lukather and David Paich, and they released their self-titled debut album a year after. While the band released seventeen studio albums so far, they did not release anything new since their fourteenth album ‘Old Is New.’

In one of his earlier interviews this year, Steve Lukather stated that there is not going to be another Toto record ever and the band members will continue doing what they do right now. In his latest interview with Sea Of Tranquillity, Steve detailed the bad blood between the bandmates by likening it to divorcing after many times.

Here is what Toto star said:

“I must stress this – I’ve been in a band since I was nine. Playing in front of an audience is like, that is what it is, I mean records don’t sell like they used to, you get a month out there. My record did great, two million streams, sold a bunch of records, I mean, in today’s age I’ve done better, I got the best reviews in my career, made a record in eight days live, solos, everything, I was thrilled.

Joseph made a brilliant Peter Gabriel solo kind of record, really produced and really done, meticulously produced this, and the vocals are insane, the songs are great, he used a bunch of the old Toto guys.”

Lukather continued saying:

“As far as the rest of us, we’re all still buddies, and there are people that aren’t friends anymore that break my heart, it’s like being divorced after 45 years or so.

I’ve proved my innocence and everything like that, and that’s not good enough, they looked under every rock to try to find something on me, and there’s nothing there. Me and Dave, ironically, Dave is 50% of this, I don’t make a decision without Dave, because I guess I’ve got a big fucking mouth. I mean, it’s got me into more trouble than good, because I don’t have a filter, I say whatever I want to say.

You can watch the full interview below.