During a recent interview in Eonmusic, Toto’s co-founder and guitarist, Steve Lukather, has talked about the current status of TOTO and his long-time friendship with Eddie Van Halen as well as how did they manage to bring the band back to life once again.

As you may already know, TOTO was founded by Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams back in 1977 and decided to retire as TOTO many times. However, at the end of 2020, Steve and Joseph had announced their return as TOTO in the 2021 ‘Dogz Of Oz’ tour. They also made a live concert on many streaming platforms back in November.

In his latest interview, Steve shared the main force that let them make music together. According to Steve, although they had really tough times while trying to resolve legal issues they had during Toto’s Forty Trips Around The Sun tour, he still calls these times ‘bittersweet’ and like a marriage gone wrong.

Steve also shared his thoughts on Eddie Van Halen’s loss by saying he was more than a friend for him and he is still fucked up over his loss. He also added that they went through lots of things like marriages, kids, divorces, and many things like that and it still breaks his heart.

Let’s check out what he said:

“Well, it was bittersweet because we knew it was coming to an end, and there was some legal [issues]. It was hard. There was some people that didn’t get along, and it started out great, and ended poorly; lawsuits and crazy shit.

So we put it to bed and then we brought it back to life again! Joseph [Williams] and I said, then [David] Paich, we’re like ‘Well, we’ve paid for the name, let’s fuckin’ use the name!‘ and I put together another band with some different guys. We did a livestream, put together a band in ten days, and proved that we could play some Toto stuff, and it turned out okay.”

He continued:

“So, Joe and I had always planned on working together anyway, because we were the only two guys that really wanted to keep working. David can’t, medically, because he’s not well; he can’t travel at all.

Steve [Porcaro] hates the road, and didn’t like the direction we were going in anyway, and didn’t want to be on the road all the time. It was unpleasant. It was a sad ending to something that was at one time, beautiful. Like a marriage gone wrong, I guess. Sad, but I don’t have any bad feelings, but it’s a bad experience.”

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