Steve Stevens revealed his opinion on Metallica during an interview with I Ask No One with Kevin Re LoVullo. In the interview, he also revealed who he thinks is the real bandleader of Metallica.

Famous for his work with Billy Idol as their guitarist and songwriting collaborator, Steve Stevens has achieved great success as a musician. He has collaborated with numerous artists throughout his career, including Michael Jackson, Robert Palmer, and many others.

During the interview on I Ask No One with Kevin Re LoVullo, Stevens commented on the musicians he considers successful and the artists he had worked with. The guitarist talked about Chester Bennington, his career with Billy Idol, Eddie Van Halen, collaborating with Michael Jackson, and more.

At one point in the conversation, Stevens shared his opinion on Metallica. He stated that they are the next generation’s Black Sabbath and praised Lars Ulrich’s drumming. The guitarist said that Ulrich is a great drummer who listens to Hetfield and translates his guitar parts to the drums. Moreover, Stevens also stressed that Ulrich is the bandleader who brought Metallica to its current success.

Steve Stevens commented on Metallica in the interview as:

“I think they’re the next generation’s Black Sabbath, as far as what they contributed and their impact and their uniqueness and willingness to do what was not the norm.

Sometimes people say, ‘Well, Lars Ulrich is not the most technical drummer.’ But the thing is great drummers write great parts. There are two ways to go – you can concentrate on the technical ability and keep a straight beat, or whatever, but then there’s a guy like Lars who really, obviously, is a co-writer.

He’s really listening to what James is doing, and he’s translating those guitar parts to the drums and orchestrating them. And I think that’s what makes a great drummer, because some of those drum parts, they’re really inventive. I happen to think he’s a great drummer – for that reason.

He’s also a bandleader that brought that band to incredible heights. So, man, I’ve got nothing but respect for those guys – every one of them.”

You can check out the rest of the interview below.