Black Sabbath’s farewell tour ended and Ozzy Osbourne began to speed up preparations for his solo album. We already knew that he was working on new songs with Billy Morrison. 

Steve Stevens announced that he started writing songs for Ozzy Osbourne’s solo album. He spoke in an interview by “All That Shreds” and said:

“The rhythm guitar player in Billy Idol is Billy Morrison, one of Ozzy’s best friends, so he asked me to do some writing with Ozzy. We spent about a week working on some tunes, and I haven’t heard anything, so I guess he’s really happy with them. So, yes, I did some writing and recording with him.

Ozzy Osbourne had rejected rumors about his retirement in an interview that he had given in the past month and said he was working on a new album. Here’s the statement:

“I’m not retiring, I’m gonna carry on. I’ve been writing with Billy Morrison and Steve Stevens. Steve is not gonna be in my band, he’s with Billy Idol. But he’s a friend of Morrison’s and Morrison plays with Billy Idol.”

We are expecting Ozzy’s new album with great enthusiasm.