Billy Idol’s guitarist and songwriting collaborator and also Grammy awarded icon with his lead guitar work on the theme to Top Gun, Steve Stevens, was recently interviewed by The Eddie Trunk Podcast and revealed his thoughts on the guitarist of the century.

Just before talking about his favorite guitarists of all time, Steve mentioned his long-time friend Billy Idol and how he’s doing during the coronavirus lockdown. Steve exposed that Billy has lost his mother three weeks ago and he could not even go to her funeral. However, Billy still feels good and excited about new music.

Later on, Later on, Steven revealed his musical influences when asked. According to Steven, Steve Howe from Yes, Led Zeppelin star Jimmy Page and King Crimson of Robert Fripp are his favorite guitarists of all time. Steve admitted that he loves Eric Clapton, however, he could not paint with the colors just like these legends.

Here is what he said:

“Interestingly enough, one of my biggest influences was Steve Howe from Yes. He’s not known for divulging a lot, and I told the Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp people, ‘Send me. I really want to see his sessions.’ And he was fantastic.”

When I heard Steve play, he was the first guy in a rock band, whether it was progressive or whatever, that utilized all these other styles that were tapping into a little bit of classical.

“When I bought that [1971] ‘Fragile’ record, ‘Mood for a Day,’ things like that. And he is really good at orchestrating his guitar parts, a bit like Jimmy Page, whereas somebody like Eric Clapton had this more blues-based thing.”

He continued:

“I love Clapton, but he doesn’t really paint with the colors that these guys do, so I really gravitated towards early prog guys – King Crimson leader Robert Fripp – and just the way they arrange their guitars like a mini-orchestra.”

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