Former Whitesnake guitarist Steve Vai shared a new video on his verified Instagram page today and re-announced his Patreon page that aims to teach his music theory to his fan base, and he also summarized what fans can expect from his tutorial videos.

According to the official Patreon page of Vai, the fans can access the whole content for $5 per month. The iconic guitarist offers a track from his catalog with the main melody guitar stripped out so all the Patreons can play along. The package also includes his book Vaidelogy, quotes from Steve, and all-new announcements regarding tours, music release, and many more.

In the caption of the post, Steve shared the link of his Patreon page and stated that the fans can learn the music theory from top to toe. After sharing the post, over 30K followers of Vai liked the latest video of Vai. You can check out the Patreon page of Steve by clicking here or via the bio on Instagram.

Here is what Steve wrote in the caption:

“Hey Folks, It gives me great pleasure to launch these Vaideology study videos through my Patreon site. If you are interested in learning music theory, starting from the simplest building block, this is the place. The link is in my bio.”

You can watch the video right below.