Former Whitesnake guitarist Steve Vai posted a new photo on his official Instagram account today, and he shared the Twitch account that aims to raise money for the treatment of the iconic musician Jason Becker.

As you might already know, Becker is considered one of the most talented guitarists of the century. Unfortunately, his music career was cut short due to his ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) disease and for almost 30 years, he’s communicating with everyone using his eyes via a special tool that was developed by his dad.

Today, three-time Grammy Award winner Steve Vai took his social media page to raise awareness of ALS and shared the virtual fundraiser campaign named ‘Shred For Jason Becker’ on Twitch. He also gave credit to the starter of the campaign and also RIAA Platinum metal band Dragon Force musician, Herman Li.

Here is what Steve wrote in the caption:

“Hey Folks, Jason Becker was one of those fiercely burning beautiful lights of guitar mastery before he was struck with ALS some 30 years ago. Although his potential seemed to have been cut short, his creative spirit continued to birth his inspirational music despite intense limitations.”

He continued:

“As a matter of fact, it’s my opinion that those limitations forced him to find deeper creativity in his music and a way to bring it into the world. But today Jason’s challenges are more of the financial kind to him and his family who have been unconditionally supporting him through it all.

Please consider supporting Jason at this time through this fundraiser. Special shout out to Herman Li who is tirelessly facilitating this campaign.”

You can see the photo right below and click here for the Twitch account.

Photo Credit: Steve Vai – Instagram