David Lee Roth and Whitesnake’s touring artist, Steve Vai, has released his latest single named ‘Knappsack’ this week and explained how he managed to record the track using his left hand only.

As you may already remember, at the end of 2020, Steve had corrective surgery on his right shoulder to fix his two tendons that were torn all the way his 50 years long career.

After the surgery, he had to wear a sling named ‘The Knappsack’ for over 4 weeks and could not use his right hand at all. However, he has managed to record his latest single named ‘Knappsack’ and released it via his official YouTube account this week.

Steve Vai stated that they had to take some parts from the alternative takes in the video. However, the majority of the audio is in sync with the video clip they have shared and recommended fans’ to not make any excuses in their head to met beauty in their lives.

Here is what Steve Vai said about the video:

“This piece of music was written in a stream of consciousness type approach. The idea hit me and I knew I could do it. The guitar part was written/recorded and filmed first to a click track. I built the melody and chord structures and jotted them down, then I did perhaps 4-5 takes. When this was finished, I had the guitar part and a click. I then set out to decorate the track with all of the other instruments, and I really enjoyed doing this.

Hearing a song come to life like this is my favorite aspect of being a musician. For the most part, perhaps 80-90% of the song, I did not seem to need anything to dampen the strings, but there were a few riffs where I did. I placed a small but dense piece of cloth under the strings at the nut and this helped with some of the unwanted vibrations.

He continued:

“When editing the final take, the majority of the audio is in sync with the video, but there are some lines that came from alternate takes. Jumping into something with blind faith will always result in the peak of inspiration when the faith is strong enough. You just have to not make any excuses in your head and all your inspirations will be met beautifully.”

You can watch the video right below.

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