Guitar legend Steve Vai still continues to give guitar lessons. In the recently interview, he talked about his passion for teaching guitar.

Steve Vai was interviewed by The Aquarian, and he said:

“I’ve always enjoyed teaching because when you teach, you learn… I’ve had such a wonderfully blessed career, I’ve learned so much and I’ve been through so much that I enjoy sharing things with young players that are different than the conventional guitar tips like academics or scales or riffs or stuff like that.

Because when I look back at my career I can see the most important thing in it – as far as what lends itself to the quality of my experience – was the quality of my enjoyment in the music itself.

It’s all really based on the quality of the thoughts that you’re thinking as you’re doing it. It sounds esoteric, but it’s really the basis of your experience in any field. And I can see when I look back at my career, how my attitude and perspective had everything to do with what was happening in my life at the time and the people I was attracting into my life and the music that was coming out, so that’s what I talk about. It’s more of an esoteric approach to teaching because that’s really the important stuff.”

Check out his one of the guitar lesson below: