Legendary guitar virtuoso Steve Vai spoke in the recent interview with Justin Beckner and unveiled his thoughts about famous pop star Billie Eilish.

In the conversation, Steve explained how he started to listen to Billie Eilish by saying that it happened accidentally because her songs were on the playlist of his wife. Furthermore, Steve stated that he liked the music she does in the end and praised her creativeness.

Justin Beckner asked:

“What are your thoughts on some of the artists on top of the mainstream right now? Do you listen to much non-guitar centric music like Billie Eilish or Post Malone, for example?”

Here is what Steve Vai said:

“Oh yeah, it’s on all around me. A lot of it, I like. As a matter of fact, yesterday, my wife listens to all sorts of different music, and a lot of it is that pop music.

We were listening to Billie Eilish because that was on her playlist, and I was really enjoying it. I mean, it’s music. Look, pop stars are necessary, in a sense, they fulfill a particular need.

Someone like Billie Eilish, I’ve watched some of the videos and they’re very creative – there’s something in her that is perfectly suited for the craze that has been molesting her, so to speak. I think it’s fine. I think one of the greatest things about the music industry is its diversity and that there’s something in it for everybody…”

He continued:

“…Now, that same musician may create an opening to listen to something like Billie Eilish or Post Malone and they may say, ‘It’s OK but it’s not really my style of music,’ and that’s the end of it.

Or they might discover something there that is a nice presentation; something for them that they can listen to without any criticism in their mind about the artist. That’s tough, though.”

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