Former Whitesnake and David Lee Roth guitarist Steve Vai recently recalled almost meeting Prince. He told the story of how he was jamming and expecting to meet the star once but ended up being watched by him through cameras.

Many would agree that Prince is one of the most known pop icons in the music industry. He had inspired a lot of genres with his original and influential music, attitude, and authority in the scene. Unfortunately, Prince passed away in 2016, but his influence and legacy never stopped living.

Rock and roll’s awarded guitarist Steve Vai recently recalled almost meeting the star. He was told that Prince would be joining in jamming with him and a couple of other musicians. His equipment was brought on stage as Vai was playing, and they started to wait for the Boss to join them.

However, Prince was nowhere to be found as it got very late. So, as Vai was leaving for his next gig, a guy stopped him to say Prince asked for his phone number. He later found out that Prince was watching them from cameras all along. The rocker said there is footage of that performance somewhere, which is the only memory he shared with Prince since the duo never worked together.

Here is what Vai said about Prince asking for his phone number:

“I get there, and I never saw Prince. I just got messages. He had them call Sonny and Michael and woke them up. Sonny can tell you if that’s true or not; that’s just what I was told. The next thing I know, they’re out of bed and there. It’s the three of us on stage, and we’re jamming. I remember it was great. These guys were like magic. It’s like they’re in your ear.

It was an ESP jam, and I’m like, ‘F*cking Prince man, he’s got it made with these guys.’ My guys were good too, but just different. They were the whole Minneapolis connection thing. They were so tied into that, and it was fantastic. We jammed. They said, ‘The boss is going to come down and jam with you,‘ so I’m like, ‘Yeah, you’re right, baby. Come on, Prince.’ He wasn’t Prince at the time; he was ‘The Boss.'”

He continued:

“So as we jam, they brought down his pedalboard, his mic, his guitar, and everything. We’re jamming at times going by, and time is going by. It’s getting later and later and earlier in the morning. He’s just not there, and we’re just jamming, and I’m like, ‘I gotta get to the next gig.’ We played like an hour or so, and then I said, ‘I’m so sorry, I gotta go.’ As I was leaving, somebody came up to me and said, ‘The Boss would like your phone number.’ I said, ‘Okay, here it is.’

I thought maybe Prince was gonna call me, but as it turned out, from what I was told, he was in a room watching because the whole stage was outfitted with cameras. He was watching it from backstage and videotaping it. He never came down; he just sat and watched it. What was so interesting, just like a month later, I’m in New Zealand, and I’m doing a show, and somebody hands me this CD to sign. It’s a bootleg VHS of the performance at Paisley Park. So I know it’s out there someplace.”

You can watch the interview below.