Steve Vai is an American guitar virtuoso who has released a total of nine studio albums in his career, he is known for his insane licks, fast-paced guitar solos, as well as unique sounds in his Fender guitars.

The last album that he released is Modern Primitive. He released this 70-minutes long album in 2016, and the materials he used for this album are from his works in his debut album, Flex-Able.

Today, Steve Vai took his official Instagram account to share a new post and wanted to share his thoughts about Modern Primitive while celebrating the fifth anniversary of the album.

In the caption, Steve wrote that this is one of his favorite records that he has ever released in his career, and he also mentioned that he approached this recording just like he did in his second album, Passion and Warfare.

Steve Vai wrote:

“Modern Primitive was released 5 years ago today! This is one of my favorite records that I have made. It retains the innocence of Flex-Able but the approaching maturity of Passion and Warfare.

You can check out the post below.