Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai uploaded a new post on his official Instagram account and thrilled the fans by making a new announcement about his legendary song, For The Love Of God.

For The Love Of God is an instrumental song by Vai, released in 1990 alongside his second studio album Passion And Warfare. The solo of this song voted for 29th best guitar solo in the Guitar World.

In the post, Steve Vai shared a teaser from the music video of this song and announced that they re-released the remastered version of this song alongside the music video on YouTube.

For The Love Of God’s remastered video reached around 70K views in less than only fourteen hours, and the number is rising quickly. Also, most of the fans praised the technique of Vai in the comment section.

Here is what Steve Vai captioned:

Check out the new upscaled version of the “For the Love of God” music video on my YouTube channel!”

You can check out the music video below.