A guitar virtuoso Steve Vai took his official Instagram and Twitter account to share his feelings about playing for David Lee Roth as he celebrated the 35th anniversary of Yankee Rose.

You may remember his career that the legendary guitarist didn’t always play on his own solo band during his whole career. Right before the ‘90s, he had played for the bands like Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, and many more.

With David Lee Roth’s solo band, Steve Vai played on Eat ‘Em And Smile, Sonrisa Salvaje, and Skyscraper albums. Yesterday, it was the 35th anniversary of the Yankee Rose which was the first single of their debut album.

While celebrating this special day by sharing a music video of Yankee Rose, Steve also pointed out that playing in David Lee Roth’s band was such a wild experience that he couldn’t get anywhere else. Furthermore, Steve mentioned that David Lee was pushing them to perform on the stage so much that they had to change their clothes per song to be fresh for the new song.

Here is what Steve Vai said in the caption of his latest post:

“Happy 35th Birthday to Yankee Rose! I’ll never forget making this video. It was the first real outing with the DLR band and was just a wild experience. There was so much freedom to act out a childhood fantasy.

Dave was pushing for us to be as extroverted as we could. It was the first time I was ever on such an enormous and well-lit stage.

We would change our clothes for every take and run around as hard and as fast as we could. It was a very different time in the music world in that genre and we ate it up and smiled.”

You can check out the tweet and the video of ‘Yankee Rose’ below.