Guitar legend Steve Vai spoke in an interview with Full Metal Jackie and revealed his favorite moment with legendary singer Frank Zappa.

He said ‘there were so many’ and continued:

“He was so funny. When you talked to Frank, he listened. You felt as though he was completely dedicated to you, in a sense, in his listening. But also he was very intuitive, so he could feel your intentions behind your words.

So you had to be really careful what you say, because if he smelled that you had an agenda or you were being egotistical in any way, you got it back hard — with no excuses, no apologies, no nothing. But when you were sincere, he was great.”

On different guitar techniques and styles, he said:

“Things that don’t fall into any particular technique or category. I’ve been involved with a lot of different kind of music, and I can sort of be a chameleon to a degree, but I’m not very authentic in stylized music. Like, I can play classical, but I’m not great; or country or jazz or even blues, you’re not gonna hear authentic music from me.

Because when I was growing up, I loved all that stuff, but I never felt good enough to be able to be authentic. But what was happening, which was interesting, that I didn’t realize was as a result of that, I was developing a particular unique authenticity, which was just [created] by accident.

I was just following my own interests without any kind of regard or expectation for the success of it, because that always has a tendency to hamper your ability to be completely connected with the creative process, because a lot of times when there’s all these expecations, you may find yourself with an agenda that changes your instinctual kind of creativity.

So, as a result, there’s some stylized flavors in my music, but I would never say, ‘Here’s a great blues song that I did.‘”

You can watch the entire interview from below.