Guitar master Steve Vai spoke in an interview with KMUW and revealed his thoughts on seven-string guitars and the using way of that guitars.

He also mentioned about Korn and their using method of seven-string guitar. He said:

“When I first designed the seven-string for Ibanez, I used it a particular way. I knew, instinctively, that if young musicians saw the potential in it for their ideas, it was going to evolve into something pretty incredible.

That was made very apparent to me when I first heard Korn. They had taken the seven-string and taken that low potential way, way beyond what I was doing. That was a beautiful evolution to see.

Then there was that whole underground movement of seven-string bands and players that created a whole subculture. But then, based on the way us humans like to evolve our creativity, it went from seven strings to eight strings and there’s people with nine strings.

I knew that eventually, somebody was going to come along and that seventh string or eighth string and start doing something even more unique than conventional metal at the time.

That’s Tosin [Abasi from Animals as Leaders]. He was the first one that I heard taking that instrument, especially with the eight strings, and doing something that really ticked off a lot of the things that I like about heavy music and music in general.

His music is complex but it’s listenable, it’s dense in its harmonic and melodic structure, meaning that it’s not just regular kinds of chords. I love that. Rhythmically, it’s unique.

I worked for Frank Zappa for six years, in the band and also transcribing music. I was confronted with a lot of rhythmic challenges, even the evolution of certain kinds of rhythmic notation. But what these guys are doing now was off of my radar at the time.

You can hear it in Tosin’s music. It’s the continuous evolution of things and Tosin, to me, is the guy at the forefront of that.”

Steve Vai’s latest solo album “Modern Primitive” was released on June 24, 2016 via Epic.

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