In a recent conversation with Ultimate Guitar, the guitar master Steve Vai talked about his foundation named ‘Make A Noise‘ and revealed the first advice he would give to kids regarding their first instrument.

During an interview for Ultimate Guitar, the guitar legend Steve Vai answered some questions about his foundation ‘Make A Noise,’ which helps out the up-and-coming guitar players by providing them the necessary instruments.

Steve also revealed some valuable advice for the kids who wanted to start playing an instrument for the first time:

“Find the thing you love most about playing guitar and throw yourself into it without any expectations. What that means is there are various intentions people have when they pick up an instrument.

Some of those intentions are based on a dream of a future place where they will be successful – where their music is known and popular and they’re making a lot of money and they’re respected and they’re admired and they are, what is considered to be successful in the world.

That’s a particular intention that some people have when they go into music. There are certain caveats that I would suggest to go along with that – if that is your intention – to play your instrument so that you can be successful.”

The guitar master continued with another suggestion for the beginners:

“Another way to approach the instrument is based in the fact that you have no idea what is going to happen in the future, and not worrying about it at all, but rather focusing on the most vital element, which is your bliss on the instrument – your playing of the instrument.

The actual engaging of the creative aspect of exploring music and you exploring your instrument and finding the music that resonates with you on a deep, personal level, that’s of vital importance.”

Furthermore, Steve stated his thoughts on the issue of ‘being successful’:

“Whatever success you have as a result of doing what resonates most with you, makes you a winner in two ways – first of all, you have already become successful because you’re expressing your creative instincts – that’s what success is.

That’s a deeper kind of success than any worldly success. Yes, of course, we all need to be able to balance our economics and stuff, but when you are expressing your deep creative intentions, you can find a feeling of fulfillment that transcends what you believe you’re going to find when you have enough money to buy all the things you want.

They don’t satisfy you the way that your creativity can. That’s the first way you win. The second way you win is that the music you create that is based on your real musical intentions, your personal, creative, unique, musical intentions – that energy will flow into the music.”

There will be a personality in the music that was captured by your intention and that music will attract the right audience for you.

It will attract the best audience for you – it may be a very big audience and it may be a very small audience, but if you’re fighting for the big audience and your music doesn’t resonate with a big audience, you’ll never be effective at writing that kind of music for a big audience and you’ll never be fulfilling your creative goals. Does that make sense?”

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