The guitarist Steve Vai shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing his ethnic string instruments with a video. Since the musician ended his video implying that he’s working on a brand new project with all of these instruments, fans left comments arguing a new instrumental album may be on its way.

As many of you know, Steve Vai is often regarded as one of the greatest guitar players of all time thanks to his career that spans over more than four decades. Throughout his career, the guitarist has worked with many legendary rockers including former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth, Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne, and bands such as Whitesnake, Alcatrazz.

Steve Vai’s latest studio album was his ninth record, ‘Modern Primitive,’ released on June 24, 2016, and all music was composed by the guitarist himself. The name of the album represents the album’s essence since the record is a modern version of his oldest, most primitive works. The album received generally positive reviews from both fans and music critics.

As it has been five years since the guitarist released a studio album, fans have been expecting to hear some news from the musician. Recently, Steve Vai shared a video on his official Instagram page revealing his collection of stringed instruments that are ethnical and unique.

In addition to showing his collection, the guitarist also revealed his home studio. Since the rocker implied he’s onto something in the studio with his ethnic guitars, many fans guessed he might be actually working on an upcoming album that’s instrumental. However, they will have to wait and see in the future.

In his Instagram video, Steve Vai said:

“Let’s see what have we got. That is a ‘saz,’ I bought it in Turkey. That’s ‘banjo,’ that’s a ‘ukulele.’ That’s ‘cavaquinho.’ That’s a ‘dobro’ baby. That’s a ‘coral sitar’ and a little ‘mandolin.’ A ‘charango’ and I don’t even know what that is. What’s he building in there?

A fan commented this:

“All acoustic album soon?

Another fan’s comment follows:

“Planning electrified folk music ‘Tea Party’ Gepetto’ or just something to twang on the heartstrings?”

Although the musician didn’t directly say anything about a new record, fans saw a silver lining after his recent video. All they have to do now is to wait for the guitarist to drop more hints about an upcoming studio album hopefully in the future.