Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai took his official Instagram account to share a new post and announced his newest project about his signature guitars.

In the caption, Vai stated that they are working on a huge coffee table book showcasing 100 of his best-known guitars of all time and mentioned that it is going to be a close-up look for each guitar.

However, this is not possible without the help of Steve’s followers. Because of the fact that Steve put so many guitars on auction for the charity, he doesn’t know how to bring them up.

Because of that, Steve wanted help from his followers to find the missing guitars on the list, such as Little Annie Fanny, Zng Zng, and more. Moreover, Steve said that they can reach out to him any time via email.

Here is what Steve Vai said:

“Hey folks, Steve here.  We are working on a huge coffee table book showcasing 100 of my best-known guitars. It’s going to be an up-close look at each instrument through beautiful detailed photography.

As we were deciding which guitars to include, it got me thinking about some of the guitars that I’ve parted with over the years. Some I’ve sold or auctioned for charity, and others have gone missing.

Check out the photos and our list below: We’d love to include some of these guitars in the book. If you’re now the owner of any of these guitars (or know who is), please reach out to us at:

For more detailed information on each guitar, please check out the post on my Facebook page. Thanks!”

You can check out the picture that Steve shared below.

Photo Credit: Steve Vai – Instagram