After the iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s death, farewell messages from the music industry keep coming. Three-time Grammy Award winner Steve Vai, one of the greatest electric guitar players Yngwie Malmsteen, and Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello also paid tribute to the legend on their official Instagram page.

After his long battle with cancer, his son Wolfgang Van Halen announced that Eddie Van Halen passed away on his official Twitter account. Fans and musicians shared emotional farewell messages after the devastating news through social media.

Steve Vai shared a picture and a touching message on his official Instagram page. Vai shared his emotions about the heartbreaking incident and stated that Eddie Van Halen will be missed. He also stressed that his presence changed the world.

Here is Steve Vai‘s farewell message to Van Halen:

“Feeling deep sadness and overwhelming appreciation.
The appreciation and love for him is bigger though.
Let’s take a minute and try to imagine our world if he never showed up.
It’s unthinkable.
Thank you King Edward. You are deeply loved and will be missed.”

Yngwie Malmsteen was also one of the many to pay tribute to Eddie Van Halen. Malmsteen shared a post on his official Instagram page and stated that Van Halen inspired a generation including him.

Here is what Malmsteen said about Eddie Van Halen:

“Just heard the devastating news…
One of the absolute giants is gone. He influenced and inspired an entire generation, including myself.
His legacy will always remain.

RIP Edward.”

Another emotional message came from Tom Morello. Morello praised Eddie Van Hallen and referred him as one of the greatest, most inventive, and truly visionary artists of all time on his official Instagram page. He also thanked Van Halen for his amazing music.

Here is what Tom Morello said:

“Rest In Peace, EVH. One of the greatest, most inventive, truly visionary musicians of all time. An unparalleled titan in the annals of rock n roll. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every spectacular note.”

You can see the Instagram posts below.