Exodus vocalist Steve Zetro Souza talked about Motörhead’s late frontman Lemmy Kilmister during a recent appearance on Zetro’s Toxic Vault.

Lemmy Kilmister was one of the greatest icons in the metal scene that influenced many musicians and bands such as Metallica, Slipknot, and more. He had been playing with Motörhead for over forty years until his death in 2015.

Steve mentioned that he and former Exodus guitarist Rick Hunolt went to Lemmy to get some drugs during the conversation. He recalled how shocked they were after seeing how comfortably Lemmy was carrying cranks in his jacket even though it was forbidden.

Furthermore, Zetro revealed that they stayed at Motörhead’s dressing room for about five hours to hang out and said Lemmy was drinking Jack Daniel’s while eating crank with a spoon.

Steve also pointed out that this story happened during the second day of the tour. Even though he wanted to tell this story to everyone the next day, he decided to tell it after Lemmy passed away.

Steve Zetro Souza shared his story with Lemmy Kilmister:

Me and Rick bought crank off of Lemmy… We were at the venue because we had the soundcheck. And you guys went back. But me and Rick stayed there, and Lemmy was in his dressing room.

We knew he had crank, and Rick goes, ‘Let’s ask Lemmy for some. Zetro, go ask him.’ ‘You ask him.’ ‘You ask him.’…

So I walk up to him, ‘Lemmy, hey, bro, you think you can sell me and Rick some of your whizz?’ Because they called it whizz, and he’s all, ‘I didn’t know you guys did this stuff. I thought you did that cocaine shit.’

And I was like, ‘No. We like crank. We like to get wired.’ He fucking pulls out this… He’s got it in his jacket – in a patch. He had this patch that was there, and then, and it was right there.”

He continued:

“And I’m, like, ‘You brought that in?’ ‘Cause back then you didn’t carry. It was the ’80s. You didn’t fucking transport shit. If you got caught with anything, you were in trouble, especially in South America. And so he gives it to us.

And Lemmy tells me, he goes, ‘You know, when you’re on speed, you’re 80% smarter going up, but you’re 80% dumber when you’re coming down.’ We just sat there drinking Jack. And so, me and Rick, we snorted it. He took a spoonful and he put it in his mouth. And I went, like. I wanted to puke…

And we sat there for five hours in Motorhead’s dressing room – me, Rick, and Lemmy, drinking Jack and doing crank. Not the first day; it was the second day. And I was telling everybody, ‘Until the day I die, I’m gonna be telling this fucking story to my grandkids.’

And I’m telling this fucking story now. Lemmy’s gone, and I even said that – ‘I’ll be telling this story way after Lemmy’s gone’ and I tell the story. And it’s just, like, oh, man, it was the time… It was the early ’90s. It was still on. The game was still on, bro.”

You can listen to the whole interview below.