Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler posted his photo with the late guitar icon, Eddie Van Halen, to pay him tribute and joined by Aerosmith’s official Instagram account with an emotional message: ‘You will be missed.’

Yesterday, Van Halen’s current bassist and Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang announced the death of his father with a heartbreaking statement on Twitter. Wolf stated that Eddie passed away at the age of 65 after a long battle with throat cancer.

Previously, in 2000, Eddie was diagnosed with tongue cancer and beat the disease in 2002 after he underwent several treatments. However, last year, it was revealed that Van Halen’s co-founder and renowned guitarist had been traveling to Europe as a part of his throat cancer treatment.

After Wolfgang Van Halen shared the statement about his father’s tragic loss, many musicians and celebrities posted messages on social media to pay tribute to Eddie and his music career.

Aerosmith’s legendary frontman Steven Tyler also shared a photo with Van Halen on his Instagram account. On the caption of his post, Tyler referred to Eddie as a ‘game-changer’ and claimed that he actually changed the course of guitar playing.

Here’s how Steven Tyler bid farewell to Eddie:

“He changed the course of guitar whammy bar rock & rhyme… A game-changer… and his melodic crazy was over the top… We’ll miss you, Eddie

Love from above. ST.”

Additionally, the official Instagram account of Aerosmith posted a photo of Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Eddie Van Halen to mourn after the devastating loss of a rock music legend. On the caption of the photo, the Aerosmith family stated how much Eddie would be missed after his death by calling him ‘legend.’

Here’s what the caption says:

“Rest In Peace Eddie Van Halen. You will be missed. #Legend

You can see the photo Steven Tyler posted on his Instagram account below.

You can see the photo posted by the official Instagram account of Aerosmith below.