In a recent interview with GQ, Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler has shared little-known story about their most popular song “Dream On”.

Interviewer asked ‘how has being sober affected what you can and can’t create?’, and Steve responded:

“Believe it or not, I wrote “Dream On” as high as can be. And if I’d have only just listened to the lyrics in that song:

“I know nobody knows
Where it comes, where it goes
I know it’s everyone’s sin
You got to lose to know how to win….”

The voice that wrote that song was a little bit smarter than the guy that broke the pencil.”

He continued:

“All the magic that you thought worked when you were high comes out when you get sober. You realize it was always there, and your fear goes away.…

We all got sober, I guess, over ’88, ’89, and those albums were all off the charts. Finally had a No. 1 single.”

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