Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s daughter, Mia Tyler, took her official Instagram account to show the most important person in her life and explained the definition of being a mother.

Mia wrote in the picture that she waited for a child in her whole life and showed how happy she is by having Axton on her side. Also, Mia stated that she is honored to be called ‘home’ for him and revealed how much she loves Axton in this way.

Here is what Mia Tyler wrote:

“Yes, I’m defined by motherhood right now. And that’s okay. I’ve waited my whole life to be in this moment, to be my child’s mom.

It’s a finite period in life and I embrace it. My child needs me now. Less so than he did a year ago, and more now than he will ever again.

One day he won’t talk to me nonstop, follow me into the bathroom, or want to be in my arms when he’s sad.”

She continued:

“Those tiny hands with dimples won’t reach up to touch my face when he’s tired. Those hands won’t even be dimpled much longer.

Right now he chooses me. I’m his comfort and a safe place. I’m honored to be the one he calls home. And that’s why, first and foremost, I’m defined by motherhood.”

You can check out the post below.