Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler’s daughter, Mia Tyler, recently posted a photo on her Instagram account, and celebrated the first birthday of her sister Chelsea Tyler’s son, while saying that his birth gave them new air to breathe.’

As you probably know, Mia Tyler is a well-known model, visual artist, and media personality who enjoys using her Instagram account to share sneak peeks from her life and give her fans details about the Tyler family. Mia is a mother too and she gave birth to her son named Axton Joseph Tallarico in May 2017.

Although most of her posts include her beloved son, in her recent post she celebrated the birthday of her lovely nephew who was born just before ‘our worlds got rocked by quarantine.’ She referred to her sister Chelsea’s son as their family’s newest ‘lil Wolf pup’ and said that he brought new love to their lives.

Mia said that although so many things have changed in this past year, there are some things that haven’t. She stated that although numerous things have been lost, it has given them ‘space for new growth.’ She ended her message by celebrating Baby Vinny’s birthday and telling him that they all love him like crazy.

Here’s what Mia Tyler said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“Wow, life has changed so much. A year ago our newest lil Wolf pup was born. 2 weeks after this picture was taken, our worlds got rocked by quarantine. So much has changed in just one lil year. New life. New love. New air to breathe. With loss comes space for new growth. And what a wonderful space to be in with our Wolf pack. Happy birthday lil Baby Vinny. We love you like crazy.”

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