E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt expressed his views on The Rolling Stones being a pop band, tweeting that pop music adapted to them, not the other way around.

Steven Van Zandt released more than ten studio albums with Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band over the years they worked together. Besides being a talented musician, he always used his platform to fight against social matters such as racism and discrimination.

Apart from his social endeavors, the musician reflects on his fellow musicians during interviews or in social media posts. One of those acts is The Rolling Stones, and Van Zandt previously talked about the band’s career and genre.

He stated that the Rolling Stones transitioned from playing blues to being a rock band. Though the guitarist stressed that the British legends gained high places on the pop charts all the time, they weren’t a pop band.

Recently, the rocker stated on Twitter that even though The Rolling Stones have accomplished incredible things in the music industry, some people still underestimate them. He added that it was wrong to view them as a pop band as they were able to stay in the Top 40 until they stopped listing rock songs as a whole. He also stated that pop music adapted them, and they were not the ones that changed their genre.

On The Rolling Stones never being a pop band, Steven Van Zandt said:

“It’s truly amazing. As I’ve said, their most extraordinary achievement is greatly underrated. They’ve never been a pop band, but they managed to cross over for 50 years until the Top 40 stopped playing Rock these last ten years. Pop adapted to THEM, not the reverse.”

You can see the tweet below.