Porcupine Tree co-founder and the lead vocalist, Steven Wilson, has posted a new photo on his verified Instagram account today to announce he had to re-postpone the tour he planned to make in 2021 once again.

As you may already know, Steven Wilson has released his sixth studio album named ‘The Future Bites’ by Caroline International Records in January 2021. The album meant to be released in June 2020 but due to the coronavirus pandemic that affected the music industry, he had to postpone the release of the album which was co-produced by David Kosten and Wilson himself.

The album features nine never-released before tracks excluding 10 different tracks for the deluxe edition box set, 4 tracks for the B-Sides collection, and an extra track for the ultra-deluxe version. Steve had planned to promote ‘The Future Bites’ by making a couple of shows in September.

However, due to coronavirus measures, he had to postpone the tour once again. In the announcement, Steven has apologized to his fan base and stated that he will use this time to complete and release two new albums.

Here is the official announcement of Wilson:

“Sadly for the second time I am forced to postpone my tour to promote The Future Bites. The rescheduled dates were due to begin in September.

While recent developments made me at least optimistic that the UK shows might have been able to go ahead (though no guarantee), the same is not true of much of the rest of Europe. With it now clear that it would not have been possible to proceed with many of the shows I have reluctantly made the decision to cancel the whole tour. As a solo artist so many of my expenses are in advance, rehearsal and musician costs, developing the product, so to then only be able to perform a handful of shows at best would simply not have been financially feasible. Once again I must apologize for the disappointment and any inconvenience caused.

I plan to use the time creatively and to complete and release 2 new albums I have in progress in 2022 and 2023 respectively. With that in mind, it makes more sense for me to now look forward to touring these albums instead, and to incorporate the TFB ideas and songs.”

He continued:

“In the meantime, there is more TFB related music on the way over the coming months in the form of some fantastic remixes and a release for the song Anyone But Me, which was originally the closing track on the album but which I replaced with Count Of Unease. Right now I’m also working hard to finish my book which will be published later this year by Little, Brown and Company – news on all this soon.

The world is totally messed up at the moment, and the cancellation of my tour is not especially significant in the grand scheme of things, all the same I was very excited to be finally getting out there and interacting with real musicians in front of a real audience again, so this is a real blow. Thanks again for your understanding and patience. S x.”

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