Progressive rock musician Steven Wilson spoke in an interview with Team Rock and explained his thoughts on Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and Opeth’s Michael Akerfeldt. He said:

“When Mikael [Akerfeldt, from Opeth] says he’s a mediocre singer or guitarist, I understand what he’s saying – I say the same thing. But he’s a great musician – and that has got nothing to do with ability. Great musicians are people who are brilliant musical thinkers.

Brian Eno is one – he can’t play anything, but he thinks about music in a brilliant way.

Roger Waters, arguably the worst musician in Pink Floyd, is another – he’s responsible for most of their groundbreaking music. Mikael is in the same category. I’d like see [Akerfeldt] make a record that really focuses on his songwriting, because he’s a fantastic songwriter.

I’ve just made a record [‘To the Bone’] where I’ve stripped away a lot of the more conceptual elements and focused on my songwriting.

I’d like to see him do the same, because I think he is really underrated as a melodicist, a songwriter and arranger. I think that would be a challenge for him but one he’d absolutely rise to.”

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