During a recent conversation on Profil Prog, Porcupine Tree’s frontman, Steven Wilson, discussed his relationship with the legendary musician Elton John while revealing the nature of his friendship with David Gilmour.

Steven Wilson is known to be one of the most progressive and innovative musicians of the 21st century, and although he’s currently leading his music career as a solo artist, he was the founder, lead vocalist, and guitarist of Porcupine Tree. He’s been a member of other bands such as Bass Communion, No-Man, and Blackfield, and has collaborated with famous musicians like Elton John, Ultravox, Opeth, King Crimson, Anathema, and many more.

The progressive rock artist’s career has been spanning for over 30 years and his music has achieved worldwide critical acclaim. However, The Daily Telegraph has referred to him as ‘the most successful British artist youve never heard of‘ stressing that his innovative music has not earned the worldwide success that it deserves.

On January 29, 2021, Wilson released his sixth solo album ‘The Future Bites‘ and one of the most popular songs ‘Personal Shopper’ on the album features Elton John. In a recent interview, Wilson discussed the phone call he received from Elton John upon sending him the song and described how he ‘lapsed into fanboy mode.’

In a previous interview, Wilson had said that upon finishing his ’10-minute satire of modern consumerism’ he couldn’t think of anybody else than Elton John who would be better to read the monologue in ‘Personal Shopper.’ Luckily, Elton John was as excited as Wilson was to be a part of this song and was really ‘committed to making sure he did a good job.’

Here’s what Steven Wilson had said in a previous interview:

“I had this 10-minute satire of modern consumerism and I thought, ‘Who could be better to read this monologue of First World consumer items than him? Hes the most famous consumer on the planet.'”

This is what Steven Wilson said about his interaction with Elton John in his recent interview:

“It was pretty surreal to answer the phone and a voice that everyone knows to say, ‘Hi, Steve, this is Elton John. I fucking love your track. Let’s do it!’ It was insane. And then to have a lovely conversation with him, and to understand how engaged he was with the whole idea. He loved the idea – he understood. It was kind of sending himself up in a way but in a very affectionate way.

And I definitely lapsed into fanboy mode throughout that conversation. And it wasn’t the only conversation, we had many conversations during that. He was so committed to making sure he did a good job, and he rang me about five times a day.”

He went on to say:

“And a lot of people have said to me actually that Elton is kind of known as someone that’s still very passionate about music, he still buys a lot of new music. A couple of months ago, I said, ‘Do you want me to send you a copy of the deluxe edition box set?’ He said, ‘No, don’t worry, Ive already ordered it.’ He’s already ordered! Bless him, such a nice, sweet guy, and one of the great songwriters, one of the greatest artists of all.”

Upon discussing his fascinating interaction with Elton John, and praising his musical genius, Wilson took a moment to appreciate the fact that he has had a chance to not only meet but become friends with several of his ‘great idols.’ In the interview, he said that seeing David Gilmours name in his contact list cheers him up when he’s feeling depressed.

Here’s what he said about his contact list:

“So I’m very proud to have several of my great idols now in my contacts list on my phone, so sometimes when I get depressed, I look at that and think, ‘Well, what you’ve got out in your phone book? Youve got David Gilmour in your phone book, and you’ve got this…’ So it cheers me up sometimes to know that Elton’s my buddy.”

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