E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt took his official Twitter account to reply to his fans’ recent comments. In response to a comment praising John Bonham, Zandt stated that Bonham was doing everything right while playing drums.

John Bonham is best known as the drummer of Led Zeppelin, and he is accepted among the most influential and greatest drummers of all time. He was famous for his speedy and powerful drum sounds, which highly influenced the upcoming generations of musicians. Unfortunately, he tragically passed away at the age of 32 due to an alcohol overdose.

Stevie Van Zandt started to discuss the negative effects of technology on musicians with some users on Twitter. He stated that there is a decrease in craft because the musicians tend to use new technological methods like autotune. He then said that the drummers from the previous generations used to know how to tune their drums and also mix.

Later on, a user mentioned John Bonham and said that he was highly talented and had the ability to tune his drums. Van Zandt replied to the comment and stated that Bonham is a perfect example because, although a modern musician, he would do everything in the old way. He added that Bonham wasn’t afraid to use the room sound, and he would also deliver a mixed balance to the microphones. Van Zandt also praised Jimmy Page for being such a good producer.

The user’s comment on John Bonham:

“One of the things that made John Bonham so great was his ability to tune his drums to get the right sound.”

Stevie Van Zandt’s reply:

“He is the perfect example of a modern man doing everything right the old-school way. Using the room sound instead of being afraid of it, and sending a mixed balance to the microphones. Great engineers, and by the way, Jimmy Page was a genius producer, and I wish he’d done more.”

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