Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard recently appeared on the 600th episode of Dean Delray’s Let There Be Talk. Gossard talked about the success and popularity of Pearl Jam’s debut studio album and opened up about how Eddie Vedder became a different person after the album.

Pearl Jam released its debut studio album entitled ‘Ten’ on August 27, 1991. All lyrics were written by Eddie Vedder. He was on the vocals, Mike McCready was on the lead guitar, Stone Gossard was on the rhythm guitar, Jeff Ament was on the bass guitar, and Dave Krusen was on the drums.

‘Ten’ was often described as ‘the rise of alternative rock‘ by music critics, received numerous positive reviews alongside millions of fans. The album preserved its place on the Billboard 200 chart for five years and became 13x platinum. Therefore, it brought great fame and commercial success to the members of Pearl Jam, especially its frontman.

During his interview, Stone Gossard recalled both Pearl Jam’s and Eddie Vedder’s increasing popularity and its consequences when the host drew attention to the changes Vedder went through after the release of ‘Ten.’

Gossard stated that he felt more confident thanks to his career in different bands but it was a different experience for Eddie. So, Pearl Jam marked the beginning of his professional career and this kind of popularity and fame irreversibly changed Eddie Vedder’s character.

In Gossard’s words, he said:

“I think we thought we had sold a lot of records, but I don’t think it had registered in terms of the bigness. I remember that place as beautiful.

And for me, personally, having gone through the Green River and Mother Love Bone, and all of that, to me, I was probably feeling more confident, and a little bit more relaxed, a little bit more figured out.

I think for Ed, it was a completely different experience in terms of the psychology of him not being able to walk around without people coming up to him or whatever. It was a big, huge shift for him.

You can watch the interview below.