There is a exiting news from Stone Sour and Slipknot’s vocalist Corey Taylor. Corey is currently in a process of writing new songs for Stone Sour.

There is no clear work for Slipknot’s new album. We know that Clown and Jim Root are writing new songs.  Corey Taylor did not join them in this process. Because he’s working on Stone Sour’s new album.

As we reported the last year, Stone Sour began preparations for the new album. As a result of these reports, the album is slowly starting to emerge. The name of the album has already been announced.

Speaking at NAMM 2017, Corey Taylor announced Stone Sour’s new album’s title. It will be “Hydrogram”. He says:

“I can tell you that you should be very very very exiting. We are doing everything old school, we’re recording it live and then layering stuff on top of it. We are doing a song a day, and we’ve already done nine songs; we’re about halfway done. And, yeah, it is incredible; it’s the best stuff we’ve ever written.

Here’s the video of announcement: