Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga spoke to Music Radar and recalled the time when he watched Slipknot’s performance for the first time. Mayorga expressed his thoughts about the late drummer Joey Jordison’s talent.

Roadrunner United project, which was organized by Roadrunner Records as a part of celebrating its 25th anniversary, brought 57 artists from iconic bands together. They were split into four teams and the captains were Joey Jordison, Matt Heafy, Dino Cazares, and Robb Flynn.

They led their teams to compose and release the songs for the project’s album which was released on October 11, 2005. As one of the drummers, Roy Mayorga had the chance to get to know Jordison closer and observed his style even though they weren’t on the same team back then.

In addition, Mayorga remembered his first Slipknot show saying that he ‘was blown away’ and admired Joey Jordison’s way of playing the drums. He highlighted that no one will play like the late drummer by describing him as one of the most talented game-changer drummers of all time.

Mayorga stated in his interview that:

“I was absolutely blown away. I had never seen anything like it. Nine dudes in unison going crazy. It was so over the top and I was so blown away. There was nothing like it. It was so well done. Live, they were so tight and over the top.

There was nothing like it, it was relentless. Joey drove that truck. No one is ever going to sound like Joey. He was one of a kind. Joey was one of the best drummers out there. He changed and inspired so many drummers. It was a game-changer when he came onto the scene.”

Unfortunately, Joey Jordison passed away on July 26, 2021, at the age of 46 because of an unknown cause. His early and unexcepted death devastated his fans and colleagues, but he will always continue to inspire other musicians with his unique style.